Narciso Bacci was a boatswain on the edge of retirement when he requested a state concession. He was later granted a shore segment mainly constituted of sand and thorny plants. A great deal of people discouraged my grandfather from launching a seaside resort business. However, having travelled and worked by sea for many years around the world, he only cared about living the closest possible to his passion. Therefore, he started running Bagno Giancarlo with the precious help of my grandmother 'Rinaldina'. Choosing the name of the resort was not easy for him, having two children, he could not name it after one without letting down the other. He then thought of 'Giancarlo', formed by the nicknames of the two children "Gianna" and "Carlo", despite the real names being Giovanna and Gastone, respectively. The first years of the newly initiated business were not simple, having to deal with the workload, debts and sacrifices. Despite this, my grandparents were able to establish a solid business from scratch. They developed the first warehouse, the first wooden changing rooms and the first catering service resembling a modern take-away. Indeed, my grandmother Rinaldina, popular amongst clients for her cooking and hospitality, used to cook take-away meals for the wealthier clients of Bagno Giancarlo. My grandmother mainly dealt with the management and the kitchen, while my grandfather used to lay fish nets and provide fresh fish for the restaurant. In 1987, at an older age, my grandparents left the business to their children, subsequently taken on by my father, with the help of my mother Alfonsina. They successfully managed it until 2005, year of the early loss of my father. I have been working at Bagno Giancarlo since 1989, but from 2005 I devoted myself solely to this business.

Carlo Bacci
Bagno Giancarlo - via Arenile, 75 - 55042 Forte dei Marmi (LU) ITALY - Tel. +39 584 88.06.27 - - P. IVA 02001250469

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